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Happy 2nd birthday to us & Thank you

Dear customers & friends,

Yesterday was Wamli’s 2nd anniversary. Although we wanted to celebrate it in style, we took the day off to rest and reflect over the overwhelming period which, thanks to all of you, has surpassed all our expectations.

Two years ago, a group of people passionate about design, tech, art and travelling joined hands and started Wamli with a single purpose, to make shopping a thrilling and entertaining experience.

Back then, we decided that Wamli will always be unique in the region, being first in bringing awesome products and brands, innovating e-commerce technology and services and bringing back the joy in discovery.

This has not changed and never will.

Our journey was not easy. It was filled with struggles and challenges that come with any startup. There were good times and bad times. It was a great learning experience for all the team, not only commercially but also in forming relationships with our customers, understanding their needs and delivering great shopping experiences. Your support and belief always gave us the boost to overcome all challenges we faced in the last two years.

For the 1st eighteen months of its existence Wamli offered a one-of-a-kind loyalty and rewards program, using gamification; a term which was relatively unknown at the time. It received lots of hype and praises from both the media and members. It had its own virtual economy, social elements and really cool game-like mechanics which were added to the shopping experience.

However gamification failed to gain traction, our products were more exciting! Our customers wanted to shop in private and many of you requested this. Over a period of time, we started removing these gaming elements from the system, simplifying the Wamli experience and focusing on product discovery. It was a really difficult decision to remove the gamification features, alienating some of our customers who loved the gaming elements. To them we say sorry and thank you for your understanding.

Today Wamli has matured, both as a brand and as a leader in introducing unique products and brands, adding excitement, excelling in customer service and most important of all making you happy!.

In the past month alone, we have added 12 new brands, ranging from limited editions collectables from Leblon Delienne and Be@rbrick to urban wear from Booger Kids and lifestyle accessories from Teha’amana and Teo Jasmin. We launched two big sales campaigns; our Happy Sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend and the Christmas Sales, giving you our biggest discounts to date; as much as 80% off. We also brought back Cash On Delivery after so much feedback from you and are in the process of adding new payment methods catering for our customers who prefer not to use credit cards.

In the next couple of weeks you will notice some changes both visually and behaviorally. We are making Wamli even better; giving you an easier and more enjoyable experience. We are reorganizing our categories and adding; subcategories, a filtering system, more accurate search, better product information, a personal recommendation system and many features requested by our customers, while maintaining a clean and simple look.

Wamli Coins (Our Loyalty points) will also make a comeback; being better than before, easier to use and with even greater value!

More and more products! Yes, more of our unique selection of great design and lifestyle products, collaborations and custom made pieces will be heading your way on Wamli.com.

Thank you all for making Wamli a great and fun place to shop!

2015 – here we come, bigger and better!

Rabih Ghandour
CEO of Wamli

Springtime, Playtime, Bathtime!

As the cold chill of winter slowly slips away, the clouds parting for sunshine, out come the birds and bees to enjoy all the flowers in full blossom. Yes, springtime is upon us, and we all know what that means… Playtime is outside!

Those beautiful chubby little faces gleaming with joy as they frolic outside in the sunshine, eating dirt and rolling around on the floor. All this playtime is making little Timmy very dirty, but Timmy hates taking a bath! What do you do?

Not to worry, the playful geeks at Wamli have come up with the perfect solution. Behold, our Baby Bathtime Series! Making your baby’s Bathtime, a FUN time!The age-old battle of Princesses vs. Pirates carries on, these fun bath sponges are bound to create a stir in the tub!Accessorise your bathtub with some fun stickers… and help save water at the same time :-Dand don’t forget to wash properly with these funky gummy bear soap bars! Let Timmy choose his favourite flavour, but bake sure he doesn’t eat them ;-)Why not sing along to some of Timmy’s favourite disney songs? Don’t worry if the book gets splashed; it’s water-proof! Finally it’s time to brush those teeth, and with Chums showing off his pearly-whites, little Timmy will never get a hole in his tooth!Phew! Now little Timmy is ready for bed. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Break-up Tissues... For Tough Times.

A recent poll of Pro- vs. Anti- Valentines suggests that there are more Lone Wolves than Love Birds in this world. Our conclusion – you’re probably going to be rejected this year!
Therefore we have decided to prepare the emotional ones, by providing something to soak up their tears. Why? Because no one likes a crybaby.

Enter the break-up tissue box! If indeed you are a victim of rejection, and are in desperate need of some comfort, please contact us at: ineedatissue@wamli.com. Give us a good reason why you’re in need of these magical tissues, and we’ll send you a box right away!

So… are you alone on Valentine’s Day? Did your lover dump you last minute? Cheer up; you don’t need to celebrate Valentines Day. All that mushy lovey-dovey stuff is just gross anyway! Wouldn’t you rather lie down on the sofa with a huge tub of ice cream and watch Love Actually? That sounds waaaaay better.

But remember; if those tears do start to show, email us at ineedatissue@wamli.com with your reason why you really need the break-up tissue box, and we’ll send you some sweet soft comfort right away!

Are you Pro- or Anti- Valentines?

Let’s face it, when it comes to the 14th of February, the world is divided in two: those who are Pro-Valentines, showering their partners with roses, love letters and delicious chocolates. And those who are Anti-Valentines, preferring to boycott love by ordering a takeout dinner, lying on the sofa in their pyjamas and watching ‘Breaking Bad’.

It doesn’t really matter which side you take (nobody is judging), but what happens if YOU are Pro-Valentines and your SWEETHEART is Anti-? Things could get a little tricky… So in order to avoid a heated argument about modern consumerism, Wamli have decided to take a different approach!

Our Solution: Pro- and Anti- Valentines gift boxes!

Here is one of our awesome Pro-Valentines boxes, ‘You make me go La la la‘…Sunshine, sparkles, unicorns and rainbows. These are among the list of many things that make your precious sweetie smile. With this box, you can turn that smile into hysterical excitement.

Or how about ‘Who said violence didn’t solve anything?‘, from our Anti-Valentines series..I love you… But sometimes you drive me Nuts! Express your love in the perfect passive aggressive way with this combination of Knuckle-Mug, Splat coaster and gun comb… Mwuahahaaa (evil laugh)

Alternatively, you can keep the contents of the box for yourself, and add a puppy instead!ps. puppy not included!

So whether your love is the happy-go-lucky type, or slightly passive aggressive, you’re sure to find the right Valentines Box for them… go to our Homepage and take your pick!

Wamli's First Pop-up Shop!

Ever since the creation of Wamli, our fans have been asking us ‘where is your shop?’, to which we have always replied ‘we don’t have one!’ (seeing as we are 100% online). Well my friends, after much planning and discussion, we are proud to announce Wamli’s first Pop-up Shop!Introducing Market Outside the Box – a project initiated by the Dubai Shopping Festival, bringing you local and regional brands at Dubai’s first sustainable fashion and lifestyle market. The market is located in Downtown, on the grass of the Burj Park, overlooking the famous Dubai Mall fountains. The Market runs untill the 1st of Feb, from 4pm-10pm on weekdays and from 12pm-12am on the weekend!

Setting up our kiosk, making sure we have enough stock of our awesome products!

Getting the right look #crazyfunkycool – follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mywamli

Listening to some beats on our customised Berlin Boombox while we set up…

All the products on display are for sale, and we are constantly rotating, adding new products everyday!

Our first customers! Loving the pink Penny skateboard… :-P

Spot us with a name-tag! We will always have at least two of our friendly customer support at the Shop to help you out with anything you need! (just don’t take any photo’s)

X marks the spot! Your best bet is to park in the free underground P1 Boulevard Parking. From there it’s just a 5min walk to the Burj Park.

Located in the middle of the market, we couldn’t have asked for a better spot! So come down and join us at the Market Outside the Box, and check out Wamli’s first Pop-up Shop!

Happy Birthday to ME!

We can’t believe that it’s already our 1 year Anniversary, time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a crazy-funky-cool ride, and after 1 year we look back with pride in what we have achieved. Here are a few things that we’ve done…

  • Shipped products to over 26 countries across the globe. The United States, Ireland, Lebanon, Hong Kong and even New Zealand among others.

  • Raising the bar when it comes to customer service, creating long-term relationships and loyal Wamli ambassadors. The average Wamli customer has come back at least 6 times for more. Some have even bought over 20 times, and 1 amazing dude has made exactly 114 individual orders! Thank you, come again. Here’s a taste of what our amazing community have to say:

  • Building trust and much needed confidence in online shopping in the region, integrating globally recognized awesome payment gateways such as American Express, and the much anticipated Paypal (which as of now is live on wamli.com, yey!).

  • Supporting local artists and designers by collaborating with them and creating a platform on Wamli for them to showcase their work. We call it the “Wamli X Collaboration Project“.

Looking into the Future (because we can)

  • We promise to bring more and more unique funky products to the region. Doubling our inventory during the next few months.
  • Creating new trends in online shopping culture as ecommerce in the Arab region is still developing. What we’re trying to say is; who needs the mall to satisfy your shopping needs?
  • As of January we are kicking off our community programs. We plan to get everyone in the UAE involved in fun activities that will better our lives. (Watch this space)
  • Growing Wamli’s portfolio of collaborations, making it THE playground for artists, storytellers and visionaries.
  • Finally we promise to never stop dreaming and innovating, spreading the Wamli love.

 Why does Wamli exist?

To add a touch of Crazy-Funky-Cool to our lives, everyday.

A cup of tea, a piece of cake and... Hudhuds

With our second Collaboration themed  ‘History, Royalty and Desserts’ recently released, the collection is slowly growing with a couple of new artworks to appear on Wamli in the next months.

For those who have been following the lovely Emarati artist Hedaya Al Rahmah aka @Hudhuds around Dubai, you know that throughout the famous and exciting s*uce events, you can find her mark on cool designed t-shirts, tote bags or post cards. Furthermore, one can only notice the natural evolution of her artwork in the past years, growing in a very unique and fitting style to the region.

Logically, we wanted to learn more about her and what inspires her, so we invited her for a chat (tea and cake was included).

Wamli: where do you find your inspiration?

Hudhuds: Since I mix of fashion and humor, I get a lot of my inspiration from the whole s*uce team, each and everyone of them, with their sense of humor and fashion style, of course I learnt a lot about trends from s*uce creative director Zayan Ghandour, she is actually my number 1 fashion inspiration.

My brother, my friend Rula and Marmar make me laugh and they actually inspire me because we imagine stuff and laugh at them.  I get my lalaland imagination from reading stuff on archaeology/history/mythology.

Wamli: Can you tell us more about your art style? What are the specific traits you focus on to achieve that “Hudhuds” style that is so cool and original.

Hudhuds: I like to mix kawaii stuff, with fashion trends, must haves , street style trends, beauty related stuff, women issues, and with serious faces but funny messages.

Wamli: Do you have a particular habit or better yet some sort of funny ritual you use to get you started on a drawing? 

Hudhuds: Yes of course when things happen around me i would draw them the same day or the next day , and sometimes I get the itch, and I have to draw

Wamli: A specific location or place you like to do your drawings?

Hudhuds: Sometimes in front of the TV while watching ‘Hareem El Sultan’ or some black and white Egyptian movie and sometimes on my desk where its quite

Wamli: And finally: as you are a fan of dessert and tea, what is your favorite dessert? And what is your favorite coffee/tea place.

Hudhuds: my favourite place is Laduree “typical khaleejiyah” I love their ‘rose saint-honore’ and pistachio macaroon. I also like Vivel tea in Dubai “white castle tea”. I like rose tea, white teas in general as well as Moroccan tea.  When it comes to coffee, I love Starbucks coffee.

Find Hudhuds on:
- instagram.com/hudhuds
- twitter.com/hudhudss

Let's All Grow a Moustache!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Movember is upon us! That time of year where men (and women) all over the world start to get a little excited, as a flurry of testosterone driven facial hair fills the air. For those of you who are unaware of this global phenomenon, Movember is not a spelling mistake; it’s a cleverly crafted blend combining the words Moustache and November.

Conceived by some of the brightest minds in Science and Philosophy.

Movember in a nutshell…

It all started in 2003 when Australian Gentleman Adam Garone made a bet with friends to grow a moustache for the whole month of November.  Little did he know that this controversial stunt of his would change the face of men’s health forever. Today millions of men (and women) all over the world take part in Movember, growing and grooming their moustache as they raise money for cancer research.

Growing a Moustache will certainly change your life… Forever.
The idea is to start the 1st of November with a clean-shaven face, and throughout the month grow a moustache (only keeping the hair on your upper lip). To document your amazing moustache growth, you can create a MoPage on Movember.com and get your friends and family to sponsor you by clicking ‘Donate’. At the end of the month all the money collected will be donated to the Movember Fund for Cancer Research.

Here’s where Wamli comes in…

On the 1st of December Wamli will be hosting a Shave-a-thon! A party to celebrate the funds raised by all the Mobro’s and Mosista’s in the UAE. We are inviting you to join us as we shave off all of our moustaches – but not before we have a little fun. With all the necessities needed for an awesome party, this is one moustache themed night you will not want to miss!

Come one, come all… Shave your MO and Party!

Save the Date! it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Write in your diaries in bold capitals: DECEMBER 1st WAMLI SHAVE-A-THON!
2. Join our Facebook event and invite your friends and family.
3. Check out Wamli’s MoSpace for all updates on our team’s moustache efforts. Feel free to support us by donating (every little bit helps).

With every great moustache comes great responsibility. We want to make a difference, so be there or be square!

For all updates on everything Wamli, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The man behind the artwork "Superheroes don't sleep"

Hey guys, we are excited to bring to you a closer look at our first collaborator on the Wamli X project. An inside peak into the mind of Khaled Albahri, the man behind the artwork “Superheroes don’t sleep“.

Artist origin:

Online presence:
- instagram: instagram.com/khaledalbahri
- twitter: twitter.com/khaledalbahri

As children are known for their vivid imagination, Khaled Albahri promised himself at 7 years old, to always remember how it felt like to be a child.

- Favorite Book: The Little prince
- Favorite Artists: Mary GrandPré, Takashi Murakami, Tim Burton, Audrey Kawasaki and Mari   Inukai.
- Favorite Anime: my favorite is Princess Mononoke, generally all of the Ghibli Studio movies     are great. Also I am a big fan of The Moomins. Their philosophy of taking it easy and enjoying   life makes this series my favorite (both books and anime).

Unique Art Style:
- The shape of the head is rectangular with soft edges.
- The eyes always look like they’re smiling, even when the mouth is not.

The Villain Chair - The chair’s not nasty; it just pushes you to be diabolical!

What do all villains have in common? Apart from diabolical plans to take over the world and the maniacal laughter that trails into echoes, all these guys had something in common. The chair they’d use to make a dramatic entry into the scene, the chair they would swivel in with a catchphrase that would send shivers down your spine.

“I’ve been expecting you…”

Most of you have made a note of this in your bucket lists. So go ahead, fulfill your dreams of enacting this scene out and be one of the greats: Blofeld Dr. Claw, Darth Vader and Dr. Evil… to name a few

What you need:

  • A swivel chair
  • A furry animal (cats most preferred, but any other animal will do)
  • Warm water (to clear you throat since you’d be pulling out your most gruffest voice)
  • Don’t forget to work on your breathing techniques as you have to end it with a maniacal laughter

Now let’s say you’re not in the business of fighting superheroes (shucks!); use it in everyday tasks: When your delivery guy shows up, when you have called a meeting and everyone shows up or for that matter when your boss comes in to yell at you for messing something up. Go Crazy!

We at Wamli had decided quite early that we wanted to bring this chair to the region. And guess what, the original ‘Villain Chair’ was ‘made to order’ and we received it after months of waiting. It’s finally here and we know that it is a monumental addition to our collection and we’re proud to make it available to our customers ☺ Be wary though, we have only one piece in stock!

Wamli Collaboration Project

Yo! So summer is officially….. OVER!! (open to debate and interpretation)

And with that, everyone is back to work, including the Wamli blog with the special announcement of our new funky project! Wamli X

Wamli X is a collaboration project that celebrates Art, Design and Creativity that always existed in the region but could never reach the spotlight it deserved. We have been in search of exceptional artists within the region whose unique style and brilliant artwork have made us smile, inspire and left us craving for more.

Wamli X will be the beginning of an exciting playground for Wamli to collaborate with its favorite artists and create awesome stuff. Most will be limited to just a few rare pieces, found exclusively on wamli.com.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will release our latest collaborations and introduce to you the beautiful minds of those awesome artists. Watch this space for more!

We are creating a playground for dreamers and storytellers

5 unheard-of ways to use your money bank - with style!

It was quite obvious when Dhink’s WhaaWhaa Bu Money Bank products arrived, what they would be great for…saving money of course! However, after a few weeks hanging around The Happy House, we started to notice these little guys had multiple uses!

Use 1: Guard Dogs

For those who are innocently passing by the fridge while fasting beware of the guard dogs … Who will happily remind you to keep out!

Use 2: Hide your stash!

Sharing is caring, unless you have candy! Hide your candy inside to keep out greedy paws from eating your precious valuables, essential around The Happy House!

Use 3: Mobile Phone Holder

A Perfect place, a perfect fit!

Use 4: A Friendly Passenger!

Let your pal get some fresh air* while keeping you company! (*Not recommended for those who live in Dubai during the Summer)

Use 5: Walk your dog Paris Hilton Style!

Let’s be honest we all wanted a small compact pup just like Paris! Now take a glamorous walk in the park with your own!

As you can see, spending some time with these guys, we got a little creative finding other uses for them. Do we sound crazy? Or are these cute puppies indeed an attraction to creative uses? We wonder…

Why backpacking across the world is crucial to curating products for Wamli.

If you haven’t noticed, there is a certain theme to the type of products that we place in the Wamli Shop. People often ask us: What makes a Wamli product, well… Wamli?

After thinking long and hard, we couldn’t come up with an explicit answer. Obviously… Crazy, Funky and Cool come to mind as possible answers. However, if you really want to know the truth… It’s just a simple gut feeling.

We love to discover new and creative designers and artists all the time, which makes up our product collections by researching and following unique brands in different industries.

However, the most profound discoveries we had were through some of our travel adventures. Last year, we went to Seoul for 2 days to attend a gift show there. Rather disappointingly, thinking we would find loads of cool stuff, we left the gift show empty handed. Last minute, while walking through the streets of Seoul, we discovered a very cool South Korean Brand called Alife Design, and now it is on Wamli.

Its stories like these, which build a strong emotional sentiment for us towards the brands we bring in. This is why most of us here at Wamli are also customers!

Ultimately, our goal is that we want people to feel what we felt when we first saw the products. The conventional method to purchasing would be to have rigid systematic strategies preplanned; here at Wamli, our approach is simply based on intuition and we kind of like it that way :).

Two days of pure gaming pleasure

If you’re a gamer or comic aficionado, you may have passed on by the IGN Convention at Meydan IMAX Theater last week. More so, you may have had the pleasure of checking out our stand there and meeting some of the awesome team members at Wamli.

We had a blast meeting all kinds of new and exciting people. From hard-core gamers, comic geeks, and costume players, it was never a dull moment to say the least!
The Joker!!

We also got to meet Former Wrestling star Kevin Nash and IGN host Naomi Kyle, who sat down with us to play on the retro Neo Geo X…We must say she is a girl who definitely knows how to embrace her inner geek! :P
Naomi Kyle vs. Imad Ghandour

We also held a Samurai Showdown competition on the Neo Geo X Console, which wasn’t as much of a competition as it was a star attraction. It was difficult to keep people focused on entering the competition, as they soon became nostalgic at the sight of the Neo Geo X and instantly wanted to play on it. As true lovers of the console ourselves, we couldn’t say no! After all, at Wamli we love making people happy!

Check out more highlights on the Convention here!

Knock, Knock…Who’s There?

It’s Knock Knock Stuff!

Based out of Venice, California, Knock Knock Stuff aspires to produce humor, function, organization, and aesthetics to everyday life. They design quirky and fun stationary, books and gifts that any personality can enjoy.

It was obviously a no brainer to add these nifty little items to the Wamli family, to complete our quirkiness collection. Here at the Happy house, we love all their products! Even using them in our office. Take the Someday Mini Sticky Set for example, with five Sticky labels to set tasks to Someday, Never, Whenever, Today or Now. It’s interesting to see where everyone’s priorities are set, obviously some more urgent than others :)

Here are some more of our favourite Knock, Knock products:

This pocketsize Insult & Comeback Book is an essential defense mechanism to use when faced with any putdown or comeback – appropriate or inappropriate used at your discretion 

Why shouldn’t filing be fun? These utilitarian folders bring wit, color, and honesty to organization. Whether you’ve got something “to do in the near future” or “to ponder when pigs are flying”. Be bold and call papers what they really are.

A wonderful gift for your new or expecting pals to get them more psyched about having a baby! This pocket-sized book offers an honest look at what’s actually on the way, while also offering commonsense reassurance that it’s going to turn out okay. Probably. Maybe. Definitely.

For more awesome Knock Knock stuff Items, check out our website: http://wamli.com/shop/spaces/brands/knock-knock/

Introducing Paul Cocksedge Studio

As you may know, we recently added a new brand to our extensive Wamli Family and are very excited about it. From a distance, Paul Cocksedge’s designs may seem a bit traditional for our taste, as we tend to think innovation only lies within something electronic.

Quite the contrary! As we grew to learn more about the London based designer, we started to truly admire his unique ability to reimagine and transform everyday objects into artistic yet functional designs. All of his designs inspire creativity while being presented in a minimalistic kind of way that is truly unique.

Made out of a 12” vinyl record , Change the Record helps the music live on, simply and elegantly.

Watch how it’s made here:

Having an extensive book collection is something to be proud of, and being able to display it is something to marvel at. This piece Paul Cocksedge asks a question: Would you want to own something, when all you can see is what it does, not what it is?

Meet the Invisible Bookend, books displayed without any other distractions.

And some more of Paul Cocksedge Studio designs.

To see more, check out their products here: http://wamli.com/shop/spaces/brands/paul-cocksedge-studio/

Spotted sporting Tokidoki!

The other day I was sitting and surfing the web, [you know, the way geeks usually do] and I came across a picture of Fergie [yep, the singer] sporting some snazzy Tokidoki gear.

The curious cat in me couldn’t help myself and before I knew it, I’d looked around and found a whole lotta other celebs sporting T-shirts from this super cool brand.

So what did I do? Why, I put them all together for this blog post!

All images are from this source.

Told you I spotted Fergie.


Yep, Paris and Nicky Hilton too.


Josh Duhamel rushes to…well, wherever he’s rushing to.


Sergio Romo rocks a Tokidoki cap.


This was, I’ll admit, the biggest shocker for me: Valentin3 [ex-Korn]! That said…scary picture. *shudder*


Josh Barnett, another shocker. For those of you who don’t know who he is: he’s a mixed martial artist, and a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Su-weet!


Seth Green…that’s one hellova look!


And Sean Paul turns up the temperature with this one. #WritesLikeAnEntertainmentMagazineThingamajig
[It had to be done.]


When I said celebrities, I meant it.

Spotted anyone else sporting some of our other brands? Drop in a comment and let us know. We love it when celebs get geeky. =)

Disguised shakers

So we know how loads of quirky products exist out there. But what happens when we spot geeky salt and pepper shakers out there that resemble geeky products on Wamli?

For starters, we jump up and down. Once we’ve calmed ourselves down, we put these products side by side and sit and admire them.

And sometimes we blog about them so you can do the same. Like now. :)

  • The Russian influence
    This is a Matryoska doll salt and pepper shaker that we spotted here.

    And this is our very own collection of Matryoska dolls
  • Mustaches are the new black
    With so many mustache oriented products out there, this statement validates itself. Check out this mustache shaped salt & pepper shaker we spotted here.

    Doesn’t it remind you of our Moustache Doormat?

  • Out with the dumb, in with the brains!
    Let’s face it, intelligence is making a comeback. Although we can’t imagine why it ever went out of fashion! So when we spotted this brain salt and shaker here, all we could do was silently nod. :P
    And here’s a close relative of this salt and pepper shaker: Jumping Brain DIY.

Such beauties, eh? :)

How can you travel without these!

Let’s face it: despite the recent bout of rain and pleasant weather, we all know that summer’s here. For those of you who don’t know, it almost touched 40 degrees late last week. We know what you’re thinking: already?!

Yes, already.

You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to start planning your getaways. We sure are!

Travel requires a lot of planning. So, we decided to put together 5 travel must-haves for any trip that you’re planning.

Here’s you are:

  • Throw-me-around-if-you-want travel companionTravelling to a previously unexplored destination? Not sure what to expend when you land? Worried about your lovely suitcase getting dumped here and there and everywhere else? *cue drumroll* Crash Baggage to the rescuuuuuuuuuuue!
    We recommend you check out Crash Baggage Trolly 4 Wheels Yellow.
    Seriously though, if your suitcase is already damaged, you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. Clever, eh?

  • Caring for your travel buddies You need to show your travel buddies some love. Add a little ‘funk’ to your iPod’s life with this Hoodies phone and MP3 player cover Light Grey.

  • Follow the instructions, please
    As we said, you should definitely show your travel buddies some love. Unless you’ve been asked to switch off your electronic devices once you’ve boarded the flight. In that case, pull out this F1 Stowaway Pouch Orange and follow the instructions. Simple!

  • For monolingual travelers
    *conditions apply*Or for those of you who enjoy travelling to places where you don’t know the local language.
    Instead of carrying around a dictionary, strap on this Bangle Language Red and find your way around the city. Or town. Or village. Or…you get the idea.

  • Last but not the least [and probably should’ve been first on this list]If you’re anything like us, you’ll forget which country/region uses what kind of plugs. Hence, World Travel Adapter 3: making travel a little more convenient for those of us with a gold-fish memory syndrome.We’d just like to take a moment here and thank the guys at SKROSS for their contribution towards the betterment of humankind. Or should we say travelers? Travelling humankind? Human travelers? We should stop this while we still can.


Have a different set of travel favorites on Wamli? Drop in a comment below and let us know!


Geeks and world domination

This is the final post in our “Wamli’s Geeky Afternoon” blog series. On a side note: this is also Team Wamli’s first video production. Enjoy! :)

We asked each of our guests to answer one simple question: What do you believe in?

This is what some of them had to say…

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