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Introducing Beta 2.0 ‘Post-Apocalypse’: better, clearer Wamli

Wamli, as you know, launched on a legendary date: 12.12.12. It’s now over a month since the launch and we’re delighted with all the feedback we’ve received.

But only receiving and reading feedback is not enough. We took your comments and reviewed them. And we did our best to implement the ones we could.

Today, we give you Beta 2.0 ‘Post-Apocalypse’.

We’re calling it ‘Post-Apocalypse’ in honor of the 21.12.2012 apocalypse that happened. Ummm…almost happened.

So what’s new?

1-    Multi-currency


The most requested feature is here. Wamli now supports a number of regional [Middle East] and international currencies. All you have to do is login and select your currency from the header bar menu.

We’re supporting the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, AED, QAR, SAR, JOD, BHD, KWD, OMR, LBP, INR.

2-    Cash On Delivery [CoD] within the UAE


3-    Worldwide shipping with substantially reduced shipping charges

 Shipping within the UAE remains free.

4-    Major overhaul to the ‘Feed’

 It is now much cleaner, better, and more social, showing members what matters.

5-    Friend finder

 We’ve added an option to help you find your friends who are already on Wamli.

6-    Post signup customization

 As and when new members go through the 3 step-tour, they get the Power of Passage for 7 days. This Power gives them the ability to pay for products using Wamli Coins.

If you are already a member and want that power, just go through the 3 steps and you’ll get it, click http://wamli.com/post-signup.

7-    Endless scroll

 We got rid of page numbers for shop pages; products can now be viewed in a smooth, auto-scroll format.

8-    Details 

We got feedback that a few things on the site weren’t exactly clear. So we added detailed explanations of various aspects within the site.


9-    1-Click Blog subscription

 Members can now subscribe to Wamli’s blog feed.

10-  More Wamli Coins

 Given the benefits that Wamli Coins give members, we’ve increased the number of Wamli Coins being given away with certain activities. 100% Wamli Coins will be given when buying [instead of 20% previously given], and even more when members register and invite friends to join.

Various other tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes

All in all, we’ve logged 280 changes. Yep, we’re not kidding: 280!

As always we welcome your feedback, so give us a shout, and if you’re not a member yet, head to the Join page.


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