Deviled Egg Qee 8″ Grey

by Toy2R


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Part skull, part custom street rod, all creepy. Jim Koch blended current and traditional styles in his pinstripe art to create the Deviled Egg Qee. This 8″ (20.3cm) figure is available in grey. No refrigeration required- in fact, we think this egg is used to the heat!

Toy2r is a multi-faceted company whose logo was taken from our most loved and cherished mascot, the ‘Toyer.’ In 2001 Raymond released the skull-headed figure alongside what was to become the most ubiquitous toy canvas in the world, the Qee keychain figure

Qee, pronounced as ‘key’, is a registered design patent from Hong Kong and created by founder and President of Toy2r, Raymond Choy. Qee was introduced in 2002 causing hype amongst toy collectors worldwide, but soon after caught the attention and imagination of art lovers, graphic designers and the world’s youth alike. It has since then, taken the world by storm.

Toy2r has eighteen Qee base characters to date and these mini figures stand 2.5 inches tall. They are used as both a fashionable accessory (keychain) and/or designer/art toy collectable. They come in ‘blind’ boxes to conceal their identities to add excitement in the collecting process. So you never know what figure you will get and if you find that you have duplicates you could always work a trade. The eighteen base characters include: BearBearQ, KitCatQ, DoGgyQ, ToyerQ, MonQ, BuneeQ, PigeeQ, EggQ, BalleeQ, BoxeeQ, EarggQ, SprayeeQ, CupeeQ GrizeeQ, PungeeQ, ElepeeQ, Boxee ToyerQ and RhineeQ


All Qee figures are designed by renowned designers/artists from across the globe. They are available in various sizes that include the 1.5″, 2.5”, 8”, 16”, 36” and the 60” Qee. Toy2r also provides D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Qees for aspiring designers/artists who wish to use Qee as a 3D canvas to express their own original work as, Qee allows for self-expression and creativity through a unique format.

  • Design Origin: Hong Kong
  • Weight: 800g
  • Box Dimensions(cm): 20L x 16.5W x 26


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