“The Cowboy” Stachifier Mustache Pacifier



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There’s a whole world full of rules out there… but not for you. You are your own man. Wear the ‘stache that lets them know it.
BPA free
Natural orthodontic shape
Silicone teat
0-6 months
Snap-on hygienic cap
Dual-injected mustache made from soft, food-grade TPE (the same material used for high-quality baby teethers)
Conforms to US CPSC and EN 1400 standards for pacifiers

  • Color: Chestnut
  • Design Origin: USA
  • Weight: 35g
  • Box Dimensions(cm): 9L x 5W x 13



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    • Nikki Mayor

      Thanks for joining Wamli Aiz! :) Yah, this is cute for you baby. Ganahan pud Erlan ani. Mangita ta ana diri sa Cagayan, dollar kaayo diri. haha :p Though you can invite your friends to join to earn Wamli coins, then mao dayun imo gamitun to buy this one.

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  1. Maude Joanna Rego

    Omigaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, I love it :D I cant wait for this to be delivered and cant wait to see the laughs Im going to get when I present this to my pregnant sister!

    1 liked this

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